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TeleTalk 07/2010 Roundtable:

Unternehmen müssen lernen, authentisch zu sein! Kunden stellen neue Anforderungen an den Service, nicht nur hinsichtlich der Multikanal-Fähigkeit. Im Gespräch mit TeleTalk ergründen das Consultingunternehmen Scholand & Beiling und der Fashion-Dienstleister Netrada, warum Manager sich dieser Aufgabe stellen müssen.


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Voice of the Customer


Tracy Raikes, VMO Manager Avon Global

New Services & BPO Process

It has been a pleasure working with Dirk Scholand since November 2008. As an Independent Business Consultant with the Avon Germany outsourcing project, Mr. Scholand continues to be a key player and excellent advisor. While keeping Avon’s best interest at heart, Mr. Scholand has the capacity of continuously staying focused on the job at hand and being solution oriented.In a business where a variety of departments and different cultures are involved, Mr. Scholand’s matrix management is excellent. I have found his direct, well paced and diplomatic way of communicating very effective along with his approach to potentially confrontational times being fair and respectfully even. Mr. Scholand partners very well with his client – Avon Germany. Although he is extremely knowledgeable in the field of business management and understands financial impact solidly, he has made the great effort to truly understand the Avon business and has aligned himself with the key players in the Company to leverage their knowledge to help make this project a success. His project planning skills are evident and have been utilized widely during the outsourcing project. He is an open minded individual who is eager to learn of alternative methods and operational approaches in other Avon locations. Mr. Scholand reacts in a very timely manner in response to emails and urgent situations.

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